Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail fountain pen review, well finished gem

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail complete fountain pen

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail fountain pen boxFrankly, I must confess that I never really considered the Edison Pen Co. a serious fountain pen manufacturer. I saw the Edisons rather as a kind of over prized teenage pens with funny colors and stripes. But after trying and testing Edison’s Pearlette Canyon fountain pen, I have to review my prejudice. I think the Pearlette Canyon is a beautiful gem. The nib holder is made of the same noble resin as the other parts of the pen, so that the whole pen has one color. The fountain pen is somewhat small for my taste, but for lovers of a slightly smaller fountain pen it is certainly a beauty. The fountain pen is made entirely of noble resin and has a dark brown marble look.

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail Fountain Pen

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail

Fountain pen without weird ridges

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail fountain pen box insideThe cap with twisting mechanism fits exactly on the sleeve of the pen. And since I don’t like edges in the middle of pens, this closed fountain pen is wonderful to see. Also to hold and feel this pen is great without edges. Usually the absence of the edge means that the fountain pen itself, because it must fit the cap, must be a lot smaller and narrow than the sleeve. Unfortunately, however, we often find strange edges and edges again. But Edison has solved this very subtly. Yes, there is a big edge after the screw seam, but you don’t really have a problem with it. The edge is slightly rounded so that the sharp feeling you sometimes experience at other pens is not felt. The Edison clip reminds me of Pelikan’s clip, which I consider to be one of the best. A good clip can be easily inserted and removed from your pocket without fearing that the pen is not firmly attached.

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And how does the Edison Pearlette Canyon Trail write?

Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail NibAnd then best of all: this fountain pen writes great. The nib is relatively flexible compared to, for example, a nib of a Parker pen. It’s a pleasure to write with such a beautiful and good pen. And then there is not even a golden nib in this pen. That’s not really possible, because for a very nice and good pen it is not even very expensive. In addition, you get a nice classic storage box. This fountain pen is mid range, but for the price you have a true gem in your hands. Edison Pen Pearlette Canyon Trail with ConverterFor 115 euros more you can also have a golden nib on this pen. The price/quality ratio of this fountain pen is therefore very favourable. The big players in the fountain pen market have a real competitor as far as I am concerned. This Edison fountain pen can be filled with normal cartridge fillings. Of course you can also use a converter.

Written by Albert

Albert is a Dutch collector of fountain pens, and everything to do with them. He is a real "penthousiast". Next to that he lives with his family in the Netherlands in a quiet part of Noord-Brabant. He spends his spare time writing for this blog (not with a fountain pen unfortunately) and reading books.

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