The new Parker Sonnet fountain pen review

Parker Sonnet complete fountain pen

Parker Sonnet boxThe Parker Sonnet is a successful combination of elegance and strength. Although the pen only came to market in the nineties, the Parker Sonnet is already being frantically imitated by companies in Asia. This also happened with the most innovative fountain pen at the time: the Parker 51. Of course, the quality of the fake pens cannot be compared to that of Parker itself, because the Sonnet is an absolutely top product. The real Parker Sonnet’s are made in France and are still, in my opinion, the most elegant. Among other things, I found the glossy black with a thin gold band beautiful. The band has become thicker by now, I never really liked that. Almost every year new colours and materials are used and new Sonnet’s are introduced to the market. There is a Parker Sonnet available for every taste. That’s why I buy a new Sonnet every few years. Which I always like, because the Sonnet almost meets my ideal fountain pen. Personally I would like the fountain pen to be offered in a slightly thicker version.

Parker sonnet fountain pen

Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer PT Premium

How does the Parker Sonnet write?

Parker Sonnet cap detailThe new Sonnet is also a great writer. If you need to take a lot of notes quickly, the Sonnet is a reliable instrument. The shape of this fountain pen is fantastic. The design of the new Sonnet has been adapted in certain parts, which has made the appearance a little more luxurious. Some of the more expensive versions offer pens with a steel nib holder. Normally I am not a fan of metal nib holders. However, Parker has made this part sufficiently rigid so that you can still hold the fountain pen well. The pen lies well in hand and with the cap posted even better, as it should be. Note that with the new Sonnet the barrel at the bottom is slightly narrower. So the cap might fit slightly further over the barrel. If you write with the cap posted, the total is a bit smaller. In my opinion, the Parker Sonnet is a narrow fountain pen and probably is a little better for someone with smaller hands.

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The Parker Sonnet nib

Parker Sonnet nib and nibholderThe nibs of the Sonnet are available in different sizes and shapes. The cheaper models have a steel nib and the more expensive models come with a golden nib. The first Sonnet’s had a very flexible nib that was good for fine writing and caligraphy. Meanwhile, the nibs have become firmer. The golden nibs of the new Parker Sonnet are also relatively stiff.

The filling system of the Parker Sonnet

The Sonnet’s use a cartridge filling system. You can also use a converter. If you don’t use Parker fountain pens daily, the ink often evaporates partially. Therefore it is better to use a converter and refresh the ink before writing again. The clip is fine, you can transport this fountain pen in all possible ways.


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  1. The Sonnet is one of my favorite pens. I own a 20 years old Sonnet, medium nib, which writes like a broad. A very soft and smooth nib. Regarding the new pen, I am not sure about the metal section, though. The same with the Duofold Prestige. I keep losing my grip with these pens.

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Parker Sonnet complete vulpen

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