Faber-Castell Ondoro review, interesting shape but fine writer

Faber Casell Ondoro compete fountain pen

The Ondoro is a funny looking hexagonal fountain pen. Angular fountain pens are always nice because they don’t roll of your desk when you’re not watching. Some of these pens don’t have a very comfortable grip on the other hand. A bad grip is not the case with the Ondoro, even though this pen is quite wide it has a comfortable grip because of the narrowing and rounding near the nib.

Comfortabel grip of the Ondoro

This fountain pen isn’t very large. It’s only 12,5 centimeters long, but if you write with the cap on the back it’s a comfortable 15 centimeters long. What’s notable is that the pen in the Graphite Black edition is very light. I have to say that this fountain pen feels like it’s made out of plastic. This doesn’t do the grandeur of this pen any good, this pen isn’t exactly the cheapest. The quality of writing of this fountain pen is good, the Faber-Castell Ondoro is a real working instrument. The click-system used in the cap makes using this pen very easy. The cap is held in place very tight in comparison to other fountain pens with a comparable system. I trust this pen so much that I carry it around in the pocket of my pants on a regular basis, without being scared for ink stains. The clip of this fountain pen is perfect, you can carry it around in many different ways.

Faber-Castell Ondoro Graphite Black fountain pen

Faber-Castell Ondoro Graphite Black

The nibs for the Faber-Castell Ondoro

Faber Casell Ondoro nibThe nib that’s made out of steel writes perfect. I have a B-nib on this pen, but if I had to buy it again I would prefer the Fine nib. This because the nib writes that perfect. The nib is quite supple and you can easily adjust the thickness of your writing with it. Most nibs are quite flexible, but really made for daily use and signing autographs. For calligraphy I would recommend a more flexible nib. You can use the Faber-Castell with normal cartridge fillings or you can choose to use a converter with this fountain pen.


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Faber Casell Ondoro compete vulpen

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