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  • Montegrappa extra complete fountain pen

    Montegrappa Extra review, daring Italian design fountain pen

    About Montegrappa Italian fountain pens are bellissimo. Italian designs are daring, deviate from traditional round shapes, have more colour and use unique materials. This definately applies to Montegrappa. The quality of the Montegrappa fountain pens is very good without a doubt. Which is a must, because Montegrappa serves the high-end of the fountain pen market. [...]
  • Lamy 2000 complete fountain pen

    Lamy 2000 review, futuristic design from the 60’s

    Fashion and industrial designs from the 60 are mostly inspired by the upcoming space exploration in that era. Pen manufacturers got inspired by fighter jets, rockets and science fiction. In most cases this trend didn't produce the most beautiful results. Fountain pens were made mainly out of steel and got thinner. As a result of [...]
  • Visconti rembrandt complete fountain pen

    Visconti Rembrandt review, nice sized fountain pen, but doesn’t resemble Rembrandt

    Even though Visconti makes some of the best and most beautiful fountain pens that belong to the best of the world, I'm not truly enthusiastic about the Rembrandt. Sure, the Rembrandt is a beautiful pen just as the Van Gogh that's a little more expensive. But why does Visconti use Dutch painters? The history of [...]
  • Sailor 1911 complete fountain pen

    Sailor 1911 review, Japanese mastered the art of a perfect copy

    Most industrial products have one thing in common: the best come from Germany or Japan. In Germany perfection thrives from the combination of striving for the highest quality, multiplied with strict design requirements. Those requirements are once conceived by Bauhaus. For example: form follows function. After the failed frivolous computer designs with pastel colors, the [...]
  • Faber Castell Ambition complete fountain pen

    Faber-Castell Ambition review, Extraordinairy fountain pen with different design

    How well is the Faber-Castell Ambition balanced? The Ambition by Faber-Castell is a special fountain pen because you can only hold it by the sleeve of the fountain pen. Other fountain pen lovers might find this challenging, but because the sleeve is quite thin you can hold this fountain pen pretty well. Personally I like [...]
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