Montegrappa Extra review, daring Italian design fountain pen

Montegrappa extra complete fountain pen

About Montegrappa

Italian fountain pens are bellissimo. Italian designs are daring, deviate from traditional round shapes, have more colour and use unique materials. This definately applies to Montegrappa. The quality of the Montegrappa fountain pens is very good without a doubt. Which is a must, because Montegrappa serves the high-end of the fountain pen market. Montegrappa specializes in producing different types of fountain pens for the top of the market. Some models are quite affordable, whilst other technological and artificial highlights are extremely expensive. A lot of these fountain pens are beautiful, special and gourgeous, but sometimes they make significant failures. They produced a fountain pen that looks like a cigar or even in the shape of a winebarrel including corkscrew. I’m not a big fan of these designs. But I have to be honest, if they do it well, they do it extremely well. For example the Montegrappa Memory and the Montegrappa Vatican are some of the most beautiful fountain pens in the world.

Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen

Montegrappa Extra 1930

How well does a Montegrappa Extra write?

The Montegrappa Extra is the best known fountain pen of Montegrappa. The Extra gets a new design every few years and these designs keep surprising. The Extra writes very well, but you have to give the pen some time to adjust to your grip. After that this fountain pen writes like the best. If you need to take a lot of notes and do it quickly, the Extra is a very reliable instrument. The shape of the Montegrappa is awesome, it is well in hand and the thread for the cap doesn’t cause any problems. For me the pen is a little bit on the small side, I would have liked it when it was a few millimeters longer. When the cap is on the back it’s a perfect fountain pen, and also without the cap the balance is quite all right to write with.

Nibs and the Montegrappa filling system

Montegrappa extra nibThe nibs for the Montegrappa Extra are available in different shapes and sizes. Keep in mind when you buy a Montegrappa the Fine nibs are really fine. For daily use I would probably recommend a Medium nib. Most nibs are really sturdy and truly made for daily writing. For calligraphy you really need to order special nibs, or search for a fountain pen with a very flexible nib.

The Montegrappa Extra uses a cartridge filling system with also allows you to use a converter. The clip is perfect, you can carry this pen in all possible ways.


Written by Albert

Albert is a Dutch collector of fountain pens, and everything to do with them. He is a real "penthousiast". Next to that he lives with his family in the Netherlands in a quiet part of Noord-Brabant. He spends his spare time writing for this blog (not with a fountain pen unfortunately) and reading books.

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